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General Store  Policy

General Store Policy

GENERAL POLICY-Updated 03/26/2024

  • Full payment is due to secure the selected products and/or services. No drastic changes can be made to your order after created unless approved.

  • To keep costs low and share the talent of Kraft it Up, orders are shared on various levels. If you do not want your order to be used for marketing purposes, please kindly express your request.

  • There is a maximum of 2 minor design changes (for custom orders) prior to production. If additional changes are requested after the 2nd change, a $25-$50 fee will be applied.

  • For standard items, production time takes 3-5 business days before shipping. This is after the design is approved and payment is received. 

  • After approval, production time can range from 5-7 business days. Please establish the desired completion date if you need it sooner. Most importantly, submit your order sooner. Customized and larger orders can take longer.

  • If you are paying for delivery via US Mail, Kraft it Up is not responsible for the detour or delay in the expected delivery time. Please plan accordingly.

  • Delivery is an additional fee. Kraft It Up Met Up Locations are FREE. If a delivery or Met-Up is scheduled, you must arrive ON TIME or a rescheduling fee may be applied. Our locations are on near the southside of Chicago (West Pullman area), Calumet Park/Blue Island area.

  • Once your order is complete, you will receive a notification about pick up options with further details. If your order is not picked up within 14 days after notification, you forfeit your order.

  • You are required to approve the final proof. This includes reviewing the proof in its entirety. Keep in mind, it is the customer's responsibility to ensure the follow, but not limited to are correct:

    • Spelling

    • Punctuation

    • Grammar

    • Order

    • Dates

    • Images, font, etc.

  • NOTE: We will not be responsible for any information that was transposed to the design incorrectly. 

  • Picture clarity is important. We do not edit the photos to make them darker/lighter. We use your photo as it is sent to us. If you send us a faint/blurry photo, that is how it will look so please take that in mind.

  • If the customer is providing their material to customize, Kraft it Up is not responsible for the condition of the item(s) provided, within reason. Please inspect your items before providing it to Kraft it Up.

  • There are NO refunds. No exceptions. However, at the discretion of Kraft it Up, there may be accommodations/adjustments to your order.  However, these accommodations are not to disrupt the operations of the business and the return time may take longer than the original processing time. This will not include if the customer forgot to submit a request at the initial consultation or during the 2 edits. Instead, this is considered an additional charge. Any add ons may delay the original completion date.

  • Each change to a mock-up can take up to 48 hours per change.

  • You have 24 hours from receiving your order or documented delivery date to inspect your order and report any concerns. If the product is damaged, the customer is responsible for shipping the order back for necessary adjustments. In some cases, the customer may also be responsible for the return postal rate.

Payment Methods

Credit / Debit Cards


Payment Methods
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