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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

We use a 2-3 day delivery system, but cannot promise the actual arrival date, due to these uncertain times. For the most part, we have worked with our customers and have been able to deliver 100% of our items on time.


We suggest expecting your package after 5-7 days once shipped. To keep track of your order, a tracking number will be provided.

Also for those who are in the Chicagoland Area, we do have a local pick up system. 

For larger orders, shipping rate will vary.

Return & Exchange Policy

There are NO refunds. No exceptions. However, at the discretion of Kraft it Up, there may be accommodations/adjustments to your order. Only if it is at the responsibility of Kraft it Up. However, these accommodations are not to disrupt the operations of the business and the return time may take longer than the original processing time. This will not include if the customer forgot to submit a request at the initial consultation or during the 3 edits. Instead, this is considered an additional charge. Any add ons may delay the original completion date.

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