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Add your photo of your family, grandparents, best friend, or someone special to this magic reversible sequin pillowcase with an optional insert. Just brush your hand up or down to see your custom image! It's completely customizable too: include a name and any other adorable info you'd like us to have for making your sweet pillow to the "notes" section when ordering. Sequins are available in a variety of colors and you choose! Makes a super sweet gift for Mother's Day, birthdays, Christmas, or just to say "I Love you!


Perhaps you already have a pillow that you can repurpose and want an option to the filling. Now, you have two options, with pillow stuffing or without. Just let us know.


Materials: Cover material: Sequins; Fill material: Cotton (if selected)

Material: Sparkle sequin cloth at the front, quality, and soft polyester suede velvet fabric at back.

Length: 16 inches

Width: 16 inches

Zipper: The zipper hides well for a finished look. It fits the pillow perfectly and is easy to open and close.


Premium Sequin Pillow

* High-quality reversible sequin that makes each pillow incredibly stylish

* The pillows are easy to flip due to their lightweight structure

* Very comfortable and is sure to have you falling asleep in seconds

Precise printing

* Our cutting edge printers produce quality imagery that makes every detail pop

* Bold and vivid colors give the pillow a more decorative appeal

* The ink we use is 100% non-fade so it will stay with you for a lifetime

Easy To Customize

* Send us a photo you want to customize the pillow with

* Our team will crop out the photo to fit the pillow and make any minor adjustments

* You can add custom text to make the pillow even more personal

* The bigger the photo and higher resolution will allow us to make a perfect print

* Please allow 1-3 cm difference due to manual measurements

* Your design will be scaled to size to properly fit the print area and may not cover the entire pillow area. 

PHOTO TIPS - light, bright colorful photos will show up best on the cases. Since there will be some patches of sequins that are discolored a larger full image is better than a small detailed image. We will adjust the lighting on the photos as best as we can, but ultimately if the images are very dark they may be harder to make out on the pillow!



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